Weight Management


Weight Management

Weight Management looks at improving overall health and improving healthy habits.  This includes eating better, sleeping better and being more active.  Weight loss can occur, but this is not the end goals.  Weight loss is more about losing the weight quickly and are often short-lived plans where is gained and lost over and over.

Why Use Weight Management?

A professional Weight Manager can help motivate you and keep you accountable. Breaking habits and creating new healthier ones is hard. They are also trained in knowing how, when and why we need to do things that are safe and best for us. There are so many things to consider when working weight management plans and a Weight Manager can assist in changes that best suits your needs.

A Weight Manager Can Provide:

  • COACHING provides an individual approach to weight loss advice and to the weight management plan.  It is used alongside other weight management products such as meal plans
  • MEALPLANS are customized eating plans designed to help the client with healthy eating habits.  Meal plans
  • WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS are designed to provide a combination of healthy eating and exercises
  • MOTIVATION in changing habits can be hard. Your Weight Manager will help you, assist you and motivate you in achieving your goals. You’re not alone!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY is a key factor in any plan. If we’re not accountable, we quite often try to find short cuts or even not do what we are supposed to do. Have you ever found it hard to keep to something that was hard to do? You know what goals you want right? But things just keep interfering with your plans like, kids, family, work, socializing etc. Well if you want to succeed you need a coach to make you accountable. Your Weight Manager is an expert in your accountability so you’re getting the very best out of your plan.
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