NDIS Cancellation POLICY

Cancellation billing policy – 48 Hours

How does it affect me?

  • Cancellation charges will apply if you do not attend your service or support booking.
  • If you cancel outside the timeframes, you may be charged – even if you did not receive the support. 
  • You should understand the service agreement you have with your provider as it may contain information on cancellations.
  • You should discuss your preferred cancellation method with your provider and / or Support Coordinator. This could include notification by phone, SMS, email and/or via the myplace portal
  • If you have a high number of cancellations, your provider may discuss this with you. 


Note: In response to COVID19, a revised definition of short notice cancellations is effective from 25 March 2020 until further notice. The current 10% discount on the price paid for cancellations (“the 90% rule”) will be removed from 30 March 2020.

Where a provider has a short notice cancellation (or no show) they are able to recover 100% of the fee associated with the activity, subject to the terms of the service agreement with the participant (90% until 29 March 2020). Providers are only permitted to charge for a short notice cancellation (or no show) if they have not found alternative billable work for the relevant worker and are required to pay the worker for the time that would have been spent providing the support.

A cancellation is a short notice cancellation if the participant:

  • does not show up for a scheduled support within a reasonable time, or is not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time when the provider is travelling to deliver the support; or
  • has given less than two (2) clear business days’ notice for any other support.

Claims for a short notice cancellations should made using the same support item as would have been used if the support had been delivered, using the “Cancellation” option in the Myplace portal. When making a claim for a cancelled support the provider should claim for the full agreed price of the support and indicate in the payment system that the claim is for a cancellation. 

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